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TEA was established in November 1994.  At the time, there were about half a dozen associates.

Over the years the network has grown to nearly 1000 associates which makes us one of the

bigger private networks in the UK. TEA has grown through personal recommendations as existing

associates introduce their colleagues.  TEA isn’t publicly advertised.

The original scope of resources (and of the old TEA website) was on supply chain and logistics,

particularly in relation to the development of pan-European and now quite commonly, globally

defined businesses operating ‘without borders’.   More recently, the scope of TEA has been expanded

to include pretty much all functions within today’s businesses, both in the public and private sector.

All associates have come from either a consulting background or are career interims, having had

earlier careers as executive line managers.  Consequently, they are generally senior types,

quite used to being ‘parachuted in’ to be able to quickly assess what needs to be done, work with

little direction and to make things happen.

There is no charge for individual associates to join, to receive the ‘job alerts’ or with the application

process.  There is a small fee charged though as and when an individual gains work through a

TEA introduction.  That fee helps pay for the on-going network management of TEA.

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