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We regularly advise associates of new opportunities in the market as ‘alerts’ from a variety of sources,

including opportunities from fellow associates. Also partner organisations and clients themselves.

Other sources include agencies, from their public postings on the web and in some cases direct requests.

These alerts are highly personalised by being targeted at associates with the relevant combination

of industry backgrounds and acquired skills.  For this purpose, associates will be on a number

of ‘distribution lists’ which are established as part of the joining process.  A full list of skills and industry

distribution lists is provided here.

In 2016, we issued over 1900 alerts.  That is something like 30 – 40 a week.

Associates are encouraged to register their interest quickly as speed of response is the number one

factor influencing a successful application.  But the response needs to be closely matched as, sadly, lots
of applications received by agencies 
are often not of sufficient quality or relevance.

TEA’s vetting services help ensure the relevance and quality of associate CVs and introductory letters.

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